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C O M I N G   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 2 1









The Air Between Our Tubs explores the depths of human depravity, and the resilience that enables us to triumph over it. In situations of the most dire violence and inhumanity shines a gleam of love, endurance, and commitment to a belief in the possibility of goodness. The novel is a testament to the capacity of these values and beliefs to persist and overcome in the face of the evil they encounter. Despite the heart-wrenching realities it explores, The Air Between Our Tubs is a book of profound hope and ultimately a love story.


 Adapted From the Award-winning Screenplay 










Having worked in feature film development for twelve years at major 


studios, for producers and major stars as well as teaching at two large 


universities in NYC, I have read thousands of scripts as well as books–


ever keeping an eye cocked for excellent material and talent. I 


recently read Justin Swingle's ambitious screenplay, 


WHITE  SHADOWS, BLACK DREAMS.  Justin's talent as a writer 


immediately struck me as I was pulled in by his engaging dialogue 


and fiery female lead. His epic period piece brought to mind a sort of 


black version of GONE WITH THE WIND because of the scope and 


slant of his script and the indomitable will of Madam C.J.Walker.


Justin's ear and eye is unique. His voice as a writer stands out in the 


roar of the over-crowded film field. His poetic descriptions of the 


South and one woman's struggle for dignity, her place in the sun, has 


the potential to be an entertaining and beautiful story. I look forward 


to seeing his work on the screen.


                                                                      Valerie Feldner

Writer, Story Consultant and member of the faculty, New York University and The New School for Social Research